Spring Chinook

Still a little bit too early for the Spring salmon. That is I don’t feel like pulling oars with the Rogue’s water flow up where it is. Just the other day the flow was up above 8,000 CFS and looking like this. That is a lot of water flowing by.

The Rogue River from Bybee Bridge

So Friday I took a good long hike near the river looking for giant puffball mushrooms. The recent rain had me thinking I ought to search where I have found the fungi in the past during May. The Spring runoff had me hiking good distances to get around creeks and swamps that I could normally wade. I did not find any of the giant puffball fungi. I did find some late wild asparagus. Not all of it had gone to seed. Along the base there were still some small, intact shoots.

Wild asparagus along the Rogue River

Wild asparagus along the Rogue River

I finally got alongside the river and took a look. The color looks good. The flow is a little bit high. The USGS data site tells me it is at 4140 CFS. The Army Corp of Engineers phone line tells me the chinook fish count stands at 757 as of May 1st and that around 76 of the silver footballs have already made it back to the hatchery.

Rogue River from the Island

Rogue River from the Island

I looked for salmon moving up river along the edges of the bend. Small chance of seeing one, but one looks anyway. I looked around for steelhead redds. Did not see any. With the water up so high and the sun shining directly on the surface, it is hard to see anything underwater. One can only imagine the fish moving up or where they have left their evidence.

A long trek to the car had me started back before noon. I had found a turkey call along a trail in the early morning. On the way back I had a good chance to use it. A couple dark objects amongst the thistles of a field had me sounding the call. Two wary hen turkeys were off like a shot. They looked more like pheasants running as they vacated that field. Later, I crashed through  a thistle patch and sent one winging for the nearby trees.


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