November begins on the upper Rogue River

The Rogue River

The Rogue River near twilight during November.

November has arrived on the upper Rogue and now is a safe bet that good numbers of biting steelhead are there. I stopped by a familar stretch this late afternoon and after a few cast hooked up with this beautiful male steelhead.

Steelhead and fly reel

Rogue summer steelhead wrestled from November cold water on the Rogue.

On only the sixth or seventh cast into a familiar run with a Silver Heron Atlantic salmon pattern I struck to a deceptively trout like pull. I felt solid weight and I knew I had a fish. He ran strong downriver and showed with a couple of nice jumps. After a matter of time I pulled him to shore from the cold cover of the Rogue River.

Rogue Steelhead with Silver Heron Fly

He took the Silver Heron fly!

The second half of October has been a whirl of waterfowl, blacktail deer and wild mushroom hunting for me. The Siskiyou Mountains have held the lure of the latter. The wild, shaggy mane mushrooms finally made their appearance during November. For a look at the first of them go to the More Wild Fungi page.


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