November Fisherman’s Pluck

There's nothing tough about coots (except the taste). Good camera fodder!

The Medford wetlands have been more of my environs lately than the Rogue River. With the steelhead run and numbers low right now it is a good time to check on the local waterfowl. The local coots are fair company on a cold, foggy morning. I let them raft around me like friendly decoys.

Greenwing Teal are a ready find along the Rogue River.

Along the Rogue River ponds and sloughs I’ve discovered plentiful greenwing teal. There are mallards present too, usually just in pairs. So far the greenheads have been very elusive.

View from a wetlands duckblind.

The A60 Canon camera is coming back from earlier near dunkings. Occasionally it has an issue or two with cold wet mornings. At home I’ve taken to storing the Canon in a bag of white rice. That very much has helped take the wet out of the electronics.

Rooster pheasant makes a day very pleasant!

The Denman Wildlife Area still holds a pheasant or two in late November. I was lucky and tickled to stumble on this bird as he took to wing. A picture perfect flush still imprinted vividly in my mind’s eye.

Jon headed up to northern California for the trophy trout. Cold weather and hot fishing!

Jon ventured north from central California. I was hoping he’d come up here, but this November he opted to veer off to the trout of Eagle Lake near Susanville, California. He did quite well. This was his largest fish caught with a black mud dog jig. Brrr…that pretty northern California scenery looks cold.


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