Oysters and trout along the Rogue

Winter is almost over. The upper Rogue River trout are quite readily hitting BWO dry patterns. This handsome and better than average example smashed a #12 BWO with a splashy rise.

We are still waiting for a good flush of winter steelhead into the cold water of the upper Rogue River. That good numbers that showed up in the fish count after the first of January were all late summer steelhead that had been staging downriver of the counting station at Gold Ray. I’ve gotten to bringing along the 4 wt. fly rod while searching and monitoring the winter steelhead water of the upper Rogue. The trout are now on the rise to dry flies with the best action coming during the warmer time of the day. I’ve had great action in prior years with dry flies in February. The particularly desired quarry are cutthroat trout and spawned out summer steelhead kelts. As the month moves along finding an agressive hatch is a definite and welcomed possibility.

A particularly desired find along the upper Rogue is a good oyster mushroom tree. I spotted this tree about a week and a half ago. With the warmer than usual January weather a good wild crop of oyster mushrooms appears to be out there.

Oyster mushrooms are great on pizza. Teri and I discovered that they are also good stuffed in pita bread. Our favorite recipe Canjun Canapes is a little spicy, but um so good on a February evening.


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