Rogue River March steelhead

Pictures will have to do for now. At the end of the day we are too tired and worn out for words. Except that it was a beautiful day to be out on the Rogue River during mid-March. Sunny sky, clear green water, comfortable afternoon temperatures…heck I even wet waded. Today was more like a summer steelhead than winter steelhead day…but winter steelhead they were.

Teri craftly and carefully playing with a heavy one!

This one's about ready to net.

Teri's happy with her nice fresh catch.

A pretty pic shows a Carpetbagger Nymph firmly embedded where it should be.

RogueGuiden proudly hefts a March chromer.


Rogue Valley Morels

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WOW! Morels 2011


An Atlantic salmon fly pattern I designed just to feature a ringneck pheasant tippet underwing

Even with all the other feathers surrounding it, the ringneck pheasant tippet does not hide in this pattern. The black bar of the tippet really compliments the rear of the fly. All the black of the pattern goes together well. A bit of an interesting view of the fly. You don’t often get to see the backside. One should strive to fashion both side of the fly equally well. That is they should both look very much alike…each a compliment of the other.

There's not just smolts rising to the hatch now, here's a colorful Rogue River trout I caught today.

A beautiful spotted and colored trout came to hand today. A resident trout? Definitely not the least bit smolt-like in appearance. Sure wish I’d landed the sizable cutthroat that leaped and shook the hook free. Now that cutty would have been a fine catch and picture.

March 1st arrives with steel

This steelhead came during the afternoon warm up around 1:30 PM

I did a little wade fishing around Tou Velle State Park today. The first couple hours were slow with nary a trout biting. That changed about mid-afternoon when a small hatch of bugs began coming off. Good sized trout were taking tiny emergers and small dry flies. Taking advantage of the situation, I matched the hatch as only a steelheader would…with G.R. Hare’s Ear nymph size #6. Fishing down a run I caught several nice trout/smolt in the 12 inch range to a Beadhead G.R. Hare’s Ear nymph. The Beadhead G.R. Hare’s ear is one of my favorite flies on the Rogue River. Generally I fish this fly in a combination of nymphing and swinging styles. The fly succeeds in so many different situations. Once again the flash and charm of this pattern was working. Near the bottom of the run came a heavy take to the swing of the fly. I’d hooked a nice 26 inch steelhead feeding amongst the many rising Rogue trout. A great end to the first day of March!

This steelhead felt the sting of a Beadhead G.R. Hares Ear nymph in the upper jaw.