Spey Play

It’s all new to me and that makes it a lot of fun. From the switch rod I’ve jumped up to swinging a 13 foot spey rod. It’s punching out some good cast. Most every cast I’m throwing I’ve been able to observe from the more experienced guys around. The roll cast is pretty basic and easy. Spey and double spey cast take a little time to come together because of all the varibles. Timing, power, body positions, balance and an assorted bunch of other details, they all slowly come together with practice.

Roll casting

Applying the power

Spey line action

Line control

Punching it out at the Grapevine

I’ve already hooked and landed several small trout. The spring chinook count continues to climb. There are over 12,000 springers into the upper Rogue River along with about 200 summer steelhead. The Rogue Valley weather improves daily with slowly climbing air temperatures and a lot less rain. The upper river flow is settling out around 2500 CFS with slightly over 50°F temperature for the time being. Good flies to cast out continue to be the Carpetbagger Nymphs and G.R. Hare’s Ears.


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