Touch and Go on the Rogue River

I came across this action the other day on the Rogue River near Medford. For a good amount of time this helicopter prevented my progress down river. Numerous times it circled and decended to river level where it commenced to put the rear wheel of the tail section underwater as it submerged the water hose in the Rogue. I believe that they are practicing for the upcoming fire fighting season.

Sort of a touch and go, just like the fishing lately. Touch a trout here and there and then let them go. The springer salmon count is above 14,000 fish and the summer steelhead count has slowly grown to 800 fish plus. Surprised I haven’t got one yet! Persevere and it will happen. Rogue Valley weather has turned warm and hot. Perfect time for an early morning or evening outing. I’m fishing the Carpetbagger Nymphs and G.R. Hare’s Ear nymphs. Since it’s warmed up quite a bit, I’m also pitching the surface with the Steelhead Caddis and Steelhead Caddis Emerger. No fly pattern has really been a killer yet. The Muddy Buddy continues to produce some good surprise hits and one never quite knows what it going to grab the big streamer.


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