Gold Ray Dam

Image of the former Gold Ray Dam location on the Rogue River 8/21/10

Damn dam, the dam is dead! And so are Savage Rapids and the Power House diversion dams. The Rogue lives on as before, but lets see if the fishing is better than ever. Lets see if the millions spent are really worth it. We’ll let time tell that story!


Steelhead Skunk

A steelhead wet fly pattern called the Skunk. Size # 2 for swinging.

A popular fly for steelhead the Skunk has been around for a long time. While credit for the creator of the standard Skunk is clouded, the time frame for pattern’s introduction is generally thought to be during the 1930-1940. Various spinoff have occured including the Greenbutt Skunk, Redbutt Skunk, Coastal Skunk, and Inland Skunk. The Skunk has it’s time and place on the Rogue River of Oregon and I would suggest swinging the fly during the warmer months of the year. My first steelhead taken with a Greenbutt Skunk came on a Lake Erie tributary pool. I cast the fly into an upstream eddy flow just below a waterfall and was rewarded with an eight pound silver, Fall steelhead fresh from the lake. The Skunk is always a good choice and here are some size # eight destined for the Grand Ronde River of Oregon.

Skunk patterns headed for the Grand Ronde and Snake Rivers.