Steelhead Skunk

A steelhead wet fly pattern called the Skunk. Size # 2 for swinging.

A popular fly for steelhead the Skunk has been around for a long time. While credit for the creator of the standard Skunk is clouded, the time frame for pattern’s introduction is generally thought to be during the 1930-1940. Various spinoff have occured including the Greenbutt Skunk, Redbutt Skunk, Coastal Skunk, and Inland Skunk. The Skunk has it’s time and place on the Rogue River of Oregon and I would suggest swinging the fly during the warmer months of the year. My first steelhead taken with a Greenbutt Skunk came on a Lake Erie tributary pool. I cast the fly into an upstream eddy flow just below a waterfall and was rewarded with an eight pound silver, Fall steelhead fresh from the lake. The Skunk is always a good choice and here are some size # eight destined for the Grand Ronde River of Oregon.

Skunk patterns headed for the Grand Ronde and Snake Rivers.


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