Wingshot-The CZ Mallard Scores

First time out and first two shots! I got out a little late this morning as it was unseasonably cold in the valley. Arriving I noted no birds flying other than scrub jays, acorn woodpeckers, and blackbirds. I worked the ridge top through the buckbrush and eventually flushed a couple dove. I passed up on these shots. I wanted my first shot with the new over and under to be a good one. A bit more climbing the ridge and a dove flushed over the brush top to my left. I mounted, swung and pulled the trigger and the shotgun sounded. The dove set it’s wings and disappeared. I knew I had that first bird with the first shot of the spanking brand new over and under.

The weather stayed cool as the noon hour approached. I walked a few other good locations and only spooked up a couple doves. Shots I didn’t want to take. Finally arriving back at the first location a dove flushed going away from me. I pulled one trigger and pocketed my second and final dove of the day. Two shots and two doves on a cold slow day. That’s good enough for me. I walked back to the car with a soft pitter patter of rain falling on my cap.


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