Early Sunday morning start

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Teri and I got an oh-dark-oh-thirty start to our Sunday morning float on the Rogue River. That means going to Saturday evening Mass, and then getting up Sunday morning without a thing to do but fish.

The dark early morning was cold and we were bundled up accordingly. There is a good early bite in spite of the chill. I guess that’s because these wild critters of the river are used to the cold water. They are also less afraid on account of the long dark shadows of the dawn. Always a good time to fish.

The Rogue River’s flow is still good and high, but they have begun dropping the water release from the Army Corp Dam at Lost Creek. We fished Carpetbagger Nymphs in tandem with Beadhead G.R. Hare’s Ear Nymphs. Teri also like to fish a Steelhead Caddis as a dropper off the Carpetbagger. I’ll hand it to her, that fly does get a lot of attention from the smaller trout as well as a occassional steelhead. Later in the day as the Sun heats the Rogue River and valley I believe the Steelhead Caddis comes into its own. Teri claims that is because of all those grasshoppers she sees along the riverbank. I agree. Sometimes when the sun is bright a light fly works. I’ve also found that a good dark fly like a Silver Hilton can be outstanding on a bright day. (So what should be the rule?)

We finished the fishing day about noon. Just the right time to get off the river. The sun was bright and high overhead. It felt warm. Wasn’t bad, only about 85°F. When you think back to the 100°F days of earlier summer, you wonder how you got through them. I am so glad that fall is here. Looks like it is going to be a good one!


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