A Prince for steelhead

A light, silver and dark Prince Nymph for the Rogue River

Here is a fly I can hardly wait to get back on Oregon’s Rogue River and cast for Fall steelhead. A steelhead fly version of the old Brown Forked Tail pattern almost always called the Prince Nymph. Of course there has to be the peacock herl body of the Brown Forked Tail. I hear of a fly fisherman from Grants Pass who almost all the time cast little more than a small fly consisting of a beadhead, peacock herl body, biot tail and with good success. Additionally for this “Prince” I choose light brown goose biot for the tail, quality silver for the rib and beadhead, a badger feather for the hackle and two white biots for the high sitting sissor wings. I can see this fly moving reluctant steelhead to bite from those small, shaded, bankside slots of the upper Rogue River.


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