Huge white sturgeon caught in the lower Rogue River

Wayne Van Burger and Travis Cooper are at it again. This past Friday they set out to finish an episode for the new FSN Northwest show The Joy of Fishing. Travis is the technical wizard…you know photographer, editor, post-production manager, designer, video man…et al! Wayne, an educator and coach for 35 years with a lofty track record and accolades, well…Wayne is passionate fisherman and outdoorsman.

Together they set out Friday morning on the lower Rogue River to target green sturgeon. Guiding was Dennis Graves, a man with 50 years or more experience targeting these beast of the lower Rogue River. To use Waynes own words, “What we ended up with was a WHITE STURGEON that we estimated to be 10ft.-12ft. in length and over 400 pounds.”

Fisherman’s luck…wow! I think they far surpassed any set goals for the day. What a great addition the white sturgeon catch will make to their upcoming FSN Joy of Fishing episode on the green sturgeon of the lower Rogue River.

As Wayne wrote me, “It took me just under two hours to land (and I was TIRED puppy when finished).
We had no idea we’d catch one even close to this size. Most Green Sturgeon weigh 100 to 125 lbs.We were under sized to say the least with the equipment we were using.”

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