Retread Flies

Remember October’s Steelhead Fly Pattern of the Month? That Brownbagger got snagged on a rock the other day and after some pulling came back without a point and barb. The good news is that proves the pattern getting down to where the fish are. Of course the flybox then has to be replenished. So why not reuse the material from the damaged fly. The orange bead is a natural item to reuse, but so are the lead wire, chenille, and rubber hackles if possible. Perhaps you can not salvage the materials in the original lengths and amounts. No problem. Simply tie the fly on a smaller hook. And maybe give it a new look like a thicker profile. Here’s the recondition Brownbagger…or retread Brownbagger.

Soil and dirty materials reused to fashion a new and fish-worthy fly!

What rocks…how do you get snagged in the rocks? Well this photo from the other day says it all. From somewhere on the middle Rogue River…rock on…err, the rocks are on right and left now!

Driftboat taking a two-pack down the rocky slide.


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