Early January Rogue River Fishing

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Steelhead fishing on the Rogue River this mid-January after a lot of rain…you have to hit the far upper Rogue River to find clear and fishable water. With the good concentration of steelhead available all fishing methods are possible including fly and driftfishing. Good numbers of hatchery fish around, and it is also probable that you will hook up with a hot native Rogue River steelhead!


2 thoughts on “Early January Rogue River Fishing

  1. Hi Neil,

    How do you like to fish the Carpetbagger patterns? Dead drift on a floating line or with a sink-tip? Are you an indicator guy? What about swing style?


    • Hello Rick,
      Thank you for your interest in the Carpetbagger style patterns. I fish them with a floating line strung on nine foot, switch, and Spey rods. The techniques include on the dead drift, swinging, a combination of both during the same cast, and off the front of the driftboat ala the old Rogue River twitch. I don’t use a indicator, but I encourage the use for people that don’t have that six sense as to when to strike. Striking is never a hard move for steelhead. Generally just a tightening of the line to where the fish hook themselves. Keep your hooks sharp. During summer time the strike by the steelhead to the swinging fly can be just awesome…a sudden grab and run and the action is on!

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