Midnight Rainbow Carpetbagger

The Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymph done in Midnight Raibow chenille. This was the original hot color.

This is the Carpetbagger that is really the pattern for all seasons. It is done in the Spirit River Inc. chenille color of Midnight Rainbow. I’m especially fond of this color during the summer and fall months. One should not neglect to use it during the cold winter and spring month. Just the other day I hooked my largest winter steelhead of the year with this pattern. The steelhead was a very large, red-color buck that leaped two time out of the cold water of the Rogue near McGregor Park. While the fish was finning near my boots I noted that it was a intact adipose native fish of the Rogue. Just as I neared the steelhead to the bank the trailer fly, a Beadhead G.R. Hare’s Ear Nymph, caught a rock, and the Carpetbagger was pulled from it’s hold on the fish. The steelhead lay free momentarily at my feet, and then with a swirl of the tail he was racing back to the deep. And I realized once again why I call this pattern “My Favorite.”


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