Midnight Fire Carpetbagger (The Magic Fly)

The Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymph tied with the New Age Midnight Fire Chenille.

This is the Carpetbagger pattern that has been called “magic.” Magic because it catchs a lot of Rogue River steelhead. The “Magic” Carpetbagger is done in the Spirit River Inc. New Age Chenille color of Midnight Fire. I was slow to catch on to the effectiveness of this color. However reports back from clients who were using this color soon induced me to try the Midnight Fire more often. I’m glad I did because some of my best steelhead have come with the “Magic Fly.” I’ve even had a report of the fly catching a fat triploid Kamloops rainbow trout from a stillwater pond. The “Magic Fly” is featured catching steelhead in The Joy of Fishing TV Episode called “Home Waters.”



4 thoughts on “Midnight Fire Carpetbagger (The Magic Fly)

  1. hi Neil,
    my name is jeffrey delia, I fish the olympic peninsula in wa for sea-run cutts, salmon, and steelhead. I tye commercially and was wondering where i can get recipes for some of the rogue river flies you posted on your site ??
    I don’t know if you are familiar with Doug Rose, writer, guide and fly fishermen on the olympic peninsula ? Doug has been very generous on his blog writing about some of my flies and fly fishing experiences. I would like to add some of your flies to my boxes and hope you can help me out wiith some recipes.
    Enjoy your site
    jeffrey delia

    • Hello Jeff. Thank you for your interest in the Rogue River steelhead pattern called the Carpetbagger. While the pattern could be tied in many different colors, I have settled on three proven patterns for the Rogue River. You can go to my About Page for this website to see them. Go back to the main page to see a video for the tying of the Midnight Fire Carpetbagger ( Called the Magic Fly by Joy of FishingTV). Good tying and fishing!

  2. Dude i tie.whats the recipe for the carpet bagger.actually the hook size.huge salmon fly hatch up close to the hatchery this weekend.was tying size 4 home brews and the trout were kicken.but would get reall pickey when the fly was submerged.i like trad hair and fur patterns for trout.but may go foam for cause the trout get a little pickey if the fly isnt floatin when the salmon flies a mating and falling on the water.got any suggestions.

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