Winter steelhead from the upper Rogue

With water flows of 3800+ CFS there was no better option than to fish the fly with bubble and the spin rod.

The orange beadhead Brownbagger scored in the high water with the catch of the above pictured steelhead. The flow was high for the upper Rogue and it took a lot of prospecting to find one. Was not so hard on the 23rd when I caught two with the switch fly rod in a lesser flow. The fly patterns that have worked are the Brownbagger and the Midnight Fire Carpetbagger. I’m using beadhead G.R. Hare’s Ear and Prince nymphs for the dropper fly. The Beadhead G. R. Hare’s Ear worked on one of the bottom pictured fish. Have to reiterate again, the water flow is high. Water data says that the flow is over 3800 CFS. There is already a crew of salmon fisherman working the Hatchery Hole for Spring chinook. I hear that a couple Springers have already been caught.

Two nice fatties taken on the switch rod with Carpetbagger and Beadhead G.R. Hare's Ear.


2 thoughts on “Winter steelhead from the upper Rogue

  1. Hi,

    I have enjoyed your blog. However, I was looking at your fish and realized I had a question.

    Are those fish wild? It appears there is an adipose fin intact in each of your pictures.

    Just curious.

    • Hello, thanks for your participation and interest. The lone steelhead was wild. The pair were hatchery. In the vicinity of the Cole Rivers Hatchery you catch primarily hatchery fish. The fish were caught back in April.

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