Springtime (and fish) on the Rogue

Color abounds near the banks of the Rogue.

High water flow is what we have on the Rogue River this Spring. With all the rainy weather the green grass is long and thick, and the wildflowers are in abundance. Today I watched Spring chinook salmon breaking water as they sped upstream. A Beadhead G.R. Hare’s Ear nymph was a good fly to have tied on and in the water. It always is. What with the high water and the lack of impediment of the old dams, Gold Ray and Savage Rapids, I suspect the larger summer steelhead to be arriving soon almost concurrent with the middle of the salmon run.

A little video with fish and the river.



Durham Ranger

The Durham Ranger An old classic Atlantic salmon pattern.

To see the step by step sequence of my tying of a Durham Ranger go to:

Fly Tyer Steelhead Atlantic Salmon Forum

Upper Rogue Morels

A final haul for our good locations? Cinco de Mayo is kind of late for the valley floor.

Finding a nice bag full of Rogue Valley morels kept me busy. I did get one good pull to the switch fly rod. Just a quick pull to a Carpetbagger and G.R. Hare’s Ear combination of flies. I don’t know what fly the fish hit. It was quick and I missed the strike. Felt like a good fish too. Darn! I suspect it was a big cutthroat because of where I was fishing. Always a cutthroat or two in that shallow stretch. Then again there are still a few late winter steelhead about and now the chance for a Spring salmon too. By the time I got to fishing the afternoon sun was on the water and that is not always good for success. The water flow is good so fish should move even in the afternoon sun. I did see one sizeable fish jump moving as if it was heading upstream. I thought to myself perhaps a jack salmon or an early summer steelhead. Sure would like to have hook ’em.