Mystery Rod

I found this flyrod just the other day. It was hidden in it’s carry case and resting on a dust covered display shelf that held a jumble of old spinning reels. “What’s in the little rod case?” I asked the rusty, little antique shop’s proprietor. He dug under a couple old Garcia Mitchell reels and handed me the dark case. I opened it and fell immediately in love.

The metal ferrules like new silver shined. The reel seat like pure gold glowed. I noted the clear, exact and laquered red windings. I told the shop owner I’d have to assemble and wave the rod around. I lubed the ferrules with the oil from the sides of my nose. I knew already that this rod was going to be mine.

Now my only questions concern the mysterious origins of this nice, compact flyrod. The simple information imprinted on the rod reads as follow:

#955 Trail-Pack By Longfellow

A six piece pack fly rod. Each piece is 15 inchs. Overall rod length is 7 feet. Cast a 7 weight fly line nicely.

I’ve already put the rod into action. On a recent drive over the Cascade Mountains to the Klamath River I stopped and flyfished a secret spot. Under a mid-day sun I hooked and landed two redband trout of the Klamath River system. The flyrod preformed well, casting a weighted Wooly Worm with ease, and handling the hard-pulling redbands with sensitivity and control. A great first catch for the new flyrod.

A fitting match for the Trail-Pack Rod.

I anyone has any information on the Longfellow flyrods would you please share. I found very little information on the internet. A friend said that his father once owned a Longfellow two piece flyrod. That is all I know. Any information or stories would be appreciated.


13 thoughts on “Mystery Rod

  1. I know alot about this rod and all Longfellow rods. My parents owned this company. They were the only company to make a flawless clear glass rod. These rods were made in Fraiser Michigan. Any questions please email me.

      • See Liz Stephenson’s comment on this subject. Her parents owned the company. She offered to answer any questions that she could regarding the old Longfellow Rod company. She left her email with her comment. And I thank her!–Neil

      • Try contacting Liz Stephenson. See her post below: (I know alot about this rod and all Longfellow rods. My parents owned this company. They were the only company to make a flawless clear glass rod. These rods were made in Fraiser Michigan. Any questions please email me. Liz stephenson)

    • Hello Liz,

      I recently came into possession of a two piece, 8′ Longfellow Rod. It appears to be a hollow metal rod. It has a screw burgandy colored reel seat. The wrappings are a varigated green. What can you tell me about this rod. Thanks in advance,

    • I found a 2 piece 7ft. wooden flyrod, never used in my dads stuff and was wondering what year it was made. it has a gray colored oval nametag with the name of the red letters on it,and the tag has a flyfisherman casting with the line in the shape of a cursive L.The pole is reddish brown in color and has 5 eyelets.any idea of the year would be appreciated. Thanx Joe, East Detroit mi.

    • My grandson, 12 yrs. old, just found the same exact fly rod and case in a second hand store for $30.00. He would like to know more about this item. How much it might be worth, though he plans to use it to fish with.

      • If it is in good condition he paid the right price. The shop owner had done the research. If your grandson wants to hold that value he should use it with care. I would recommend fishing with it for only panfish and small trout.

    • I hope you can still email me back I acquired a rod it looked like a #953 trail pack, Longfellow.about 74!/2″ long and breaks into 4 piece. red wrap,place for reel (not fly), looks like close to mint condition. Can you let me know more and aprox value today. thank you

  2. Well that’s great. Thanks for answering. I like the little pack fly rod because I can take it along on bird hunting outings. Fits nicely in an oversized vest pocket. I’ve already caught a Rogue River steelhead with it and it held up well.

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