Steelhead CDC Caddis Emerger (Another hot Rogue River surface pattern)

Fish this "wisp" of a fly just like you would a Steelhead Caddis.

The Steelhead CDC Caddis Emerger is a pattern I came up with several summers ago. It is an alternative to fishing the Steelhead Caddis for summer steelhead. Pattern comparing has shown me a very similar pattern for trout called the X-Caddis by Craig Mathews of Montana. My steelhead caddis pattern is for Rogue River steelhead and I recommend an appropriate hook style like a light wire salmon/steelhead iron. I’ve used Partridge Single Wilson Hooks as well as the very sharp Gamakatsu T10-3H hook. Another hook I like for this fly, while not of the up eye variety or light wire, is the Dai-Riki #270 natural bend nymph hook. I tie all the hooks in size #4. I’ve used smaller hook sizes, but for the sake of simplicity and the desire to not lose fish to a weak hook, I like the # 4’s. The end of summer through October is a good time to fish the Steelhead CDC Caddis Emerger. The orange poly shuck clearly matches the color and look of the natural shucks left on the rocks of the river by early Fall’s October Caddis flies.


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