Slow day after

Good one day, slow the next! The weather cooled down and so did the catching. I could only fool one cutthroat trout yesterday. He took a Beadhead G.R. Hare’s Ear Nymph. The daytime high dropped to about 88°F. The Rogue River’s water flow is slowly being dropped. Yesterday it was around 2,900 CFS. I don’t think these Canada geese have gotten the message yet? There is an early goose season coming up in September!


I could get close enough for a photo of these August geese along the Rogue River.


2 thoughts on “Slow day after

  1. My husband and I are new to fly fishing and on a personal level I have gone nuts over it. Seems I can’t practice casting enough, we have a large pond on or ranch, we live near the river and I can’t read enough. I just want to say “thank you for taking the time to put out these postings. I’ve read them all, especially liked the video on the Magic Carpetbagger. Now I’m trying to learn more about flies, their life cycles…….we even have attend a fly tieing class at Sportsmen’s Warehouse last Sat. Anyway, thank you again. I know it’s a lot of work. I have an RSS Feed to my e-mail……This must be a labor of love. Loni

    • Well thanks for having the “interest!” I get excited with the change of the seasons. After the long, hot, Rogue summer it is great to look forward to the Fall with it’s cooler weather and the prime fishing and hunting times. Look forward to more fishing and fly tying throughout September.

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