Upper Rogue Valley Wingshot and Fly Fishing

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The first of September opened with dove and quail season. The end of summer maded for good numbers of dove about. I even stumbled on a covey of California quail. The early seasons are great for exercising hiking muscles and honing shotgun shooting skills. Iced lemonade is my tradition favorite drink after a warm day.

As the doves moved on because of hunting pressure and increasingly colder nights, a short season for band-tail pidgeon beckoned. This mid-September I ventured to the Siskiyou mountain where I had noted these birds during last year’s deer season. I was lucky and found a sizeable flock, feeding on the elderberrys. Hiking a very steep logging trail I accessed my “Pidgeon Hill”, often sweating profusely because the weather had returned to hot. A side benefit of the trekking was running into a handful of mountain quail and a couple of grouse.

The steelhead fly fishing turned on and then turned off. The early September high water was better for the bite. The weather returned mid-month to hot, the sun brightened and the water dropped. Fly fishing success slowed up. Early morning and periods of overcast have remained opportunities. The spring chinook have been spawning and orange in a fly pattern is good. I favor my orange beadhead Brownbagger, but still like to fish the regular Carpetbaggers and beadhead G.R. Hare’s Ear nymphs. The Rogue water temperature has gotten colder so nymphing will produce better than swinging as a general rule. That said different water types offer unique situations so it pays to experiment.


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