October 9, 2011 Wild Steelhead on the upper Rogue River

Teri and I put in the time on the upper Rogue River today and we did find a steelhead. The fish was a fiesty native sporting a mean attitude. I guess he didn’t like us discovering his little hiding hole. Ran away in tirade a couple of times. The first run was upon hooking up. After I coaxed him back a bit he went another wild run that ended with a spectacular leap. Slowly I worked him back to shore and we landed and released the pretty native Rogue River steelhead. We caught him with a Carpetbagger!

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4 thoughts on “October 9, 2011 Wild Steelhead on the upper Rogue River

  1. Exciting…!!!! You know me the “Green One”on the River. What size rod, fly line, leader, tippet and fly hook did you use?
    Thanks for the info,

  2. Wasn’t really sure that I saw you? The other boat was dark, but could not tell if it was green? Only other boat I saw was Gorman’s Fly Fishing. At any rate Teri and I fished a lot and hard. I skipped eating much. Teri enjoyed the comforts! Did keep hydrated. Finally found the fish in a hard to stop the boat location. Used the 11 foot switch rod, 6 weight-forward line, regular knoted 9 foot leader tapered to 10# test, and Midnight Fire Carpetbagger nymph. Had on two flies, a Bead-head G.R. Hare’s Ear and the Carpetbagger up line. He took the Carpetbagger at the end of a swing.

    • Thanks again for the info on the rod, line and leader. I was refering to the “Green One” as in the newby fishing the Rogue. Heaven knows, after three months, I’ve read everything there is to read, had lessons up the waaazooo, practiced, practiced, practiced (casting) on the lawn and our pond, talked my head off to any experienced fly fisherman I could corner…. Ron Hayashi is sick of me I’m sure, made a trip to the North Umpqua, Holy Waters, below the hachery, the upper Rogue a bizillion times AND have yet to hook a fish. I’m the one with the “Green Aura” that radiates to the fish that says to them…..”there’s that obsessed want-a-be again, get the heck out of Dodge”. I have a sweet little 5wt TFO rod with 5FW line, a 4×7.5ft leader with 2ft of 4x tippet. I’ve used elk hair caddis’s, para Adams, Green Drakes, even your GR Hare’s Ear, etc….all #12 to #18. I’m just going for trout. One of these days it will happen !! Soooo much to learn, that’s the best part for me.
      Tx. again, Loni

  3. The flyfishing has been kind of slow for September on the upper Rogue River. I’ve been primarily deer hunting since October 1st. Good to get back on the river for a float. Little disappointed to see the flyfishing still slow. The rains will help the “catching” take off!

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