November Another waterfowling Rogue River steelhead

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It’s 4:36 P.M, the end  of legal shooting hours for waterfowl. You put away the shotgun and know that you have a few more minutes left before the sun sets beyond the November western horizon. Lucky for you the Rogue River offers another exciting option. With spey rod in hand you hike back in to a familiar stretch of water. This time you seek not the mud hole, but the low, clear, cold running water of the Rogue River. You throw many a hurried cast before twilight. Then when you are just about to call it a day, a Rogue River summer steelhead snaps up your offering, a shaggy G.R. Hare’s Ear nymph. Looking much like the old Rogue River Big Bird pattern, the Hare’s Ear was fished off a Carpetbagger stonefly nymph. What made the steelhead bite in the cold, waning light of day you can only guess, but you most certainly can appreciate the decision!


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