Hooking up on the Rogue River

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Our last trip had us finding fish, playing them and losing them right at the boat. So the hooking up was going ok, but the landing “moment of truth” was not happening. I blame it all on the bubble. As the river flow is yet high after the rain we received, we choose to utilize the spinning rod, line bubble and fly set up. Teri had a very pretty, large hatchery steelhead on. She just couldn’t get the fish far enough alongside the boat for me to cleanly net it. We should have taken time and action to release that line bubble. All that long leader makes controlling a fish tough. Just a couple of twist, that bubble would slide down, and the steelhead could be drawn in closer! Well sometimes easier said than done. We are going to practice on our tag-team, bubble-release technique.

Have not really flyfished the long, Intruder style of fly much. I’ve tied up a few to give them a try. This one is my latest, and I’m going to give it a chance on my spey rod soon. Probably not before I give the ole Carpetbagger it’s token number of cast!



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