Upper Rogue River December Steelhead

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The Midnight Rainbow Carpetbagger came through the other day attracting and hooking this nice Rogue River hatchery steelhead. Late Sunday afternoon Teri and I drove over to the Rogue River for a little steelhead and waterfowl searching. With just a little time for both activities, I hurriedly hiked a distance to fly fish a favorite run. The cold of the day kept Teri in the car with her knitting kit. Arriving at the river I began casting a two fly rig. The top fly was a Midnight Rainbow Carpetbagger, while the bottom fly was a small bead head caddis nymph. After just a few cast, I hung the small fly on a rock. I walked upstream, pulled straight and the 10# PLine Floroclear line broke off at the hook eye. Not bothering to tie on another fly, I continued casting the Carpetbagger with a trailing length of Floroclear line. Two or three cast and I felt weight again, but this time it was a broad-tailed steelhead. Showing spawning red color, the buck steelhead fought well and I was happy with the catch.

I hurried back to the car to switch to duck hunting gear. With little time left before the end of shooting hours, I walked the high bank to a spot where I’d seen numerous ducks land a week ago. Due to a very dry first half of December there was just a little pooled water. Due to the cold of the day all the water was frozen. Patiently I waited. No doubt the ducks would still come in late. Looking closely at the pond I noted a duck sitting amongst the ice and weeds. A decoy duck! I waded out, breaking ice all the way, and gather up a slightly damaged pintail drake decoy. He’s got a crack across the back, but I think I can fix it with a little Lexel®. Won’t even need to touch up the paint. Oh, the real ducks did eventually show, but they remained high and out of effective range of the CZ Mallard and the Kent Fasteel.


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