Mid-January Report from the upper Rogue River 2012

Holiday eating, mild weather and a few summer steelhead still hanging around, that’s been the laid back early January scene on the upper Rogue. Which brings me to the weather. I had no idea that January would be as rain free as it has. Pacific Northwest storms usually swell the Rogue River during late December and January. Generally I do not even consider going out on the river at this time. So far the PNW storm door has not opened and the upper Rogue River is flowing at what would be considered normal October levels. And just as in December, we are catching a few late Rogue River summer steelhead. The bucks and hens are either red or rosy color. Pretty fish, I guess the call to spawn will really hit once the water levels of river and tributaries swell with some winter rain? The good news is that a little snow fell on the Rogue Valley floor this morning. Possibly the high pressure weather system that has been dominating will be breaking down soon and we will begin to get our normal rain and snow. And not to long after that the arrival of fresh Rogue River winter steelhead for March and April fishing.


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