Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymph (A steelhead pattern for the Rogue River.)

All steelhead will go for the Carpetbagger.

Magic Fly Video

A video on the tieing of the Carpetbagger. This is the version Wayne Van Burger calls  “The Magic Fly” made of the Midnight Fire color chenille. My own favorite flavor is the Midnight Rainbow Carpetbagger. The orange beadhead Brownbagger comes into it’s own during the cold winter and spring months. For those that can tie, have fun. For those that don’t want to tie their own, visit my About Page for viewing of the Carpetbagger patterns available from me.


4 thoughts on “Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymph (A steelhead pattern for the Rogue River.)

  1. Who sells carpetbagger nymphs- I just moved to so. Oregon and my fly tying material is still packed deep in the pile of boxes. This sounds like a good nymph to begin my steelhead fishing but I can’t find a shop that sells them!!!
    Also what is the right tippet for steelhead; I beefed up my rod and reel but wondering how big to go on tippet? Thanks for your advise

    • Hi Garrick,
      I sell them through the mail. The price is $1.95 each. All orders big and small are honored. The three best colors are in Midnight Fire, Midnight Rainbow and Copper/Gold/Black chenille.

      I’m a big Maxima leader fan. I suggest 10 and 8 pound test Maxima.

      Just drop me an email regarding ordering the Carpetbagger flies.


  2. Neil I read your post response to Tom and am interested to know more about the carpetbagger you tie. I am in Illinois and on Instagram as Creekfisher1. My email address is provided in order to conduct discussions, then onward to business.


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