Latest morel hunt on the Rogue

One of the larger morels from today's hunting.

Teri and I got on the river early morning with the driftboat. Primarily we pulled plugs. We even managed to get in a little flyfishing. Not much was biting. The Rogue River water was big and rolling, a little over 5,000 CFS. The temperature got warm for the first time this year. The 80°F plus air temperatures continue through tomorrow and monday. Then the temperatures return to normal. Maybe even a little more mushroom growing rain in the coming week. Glad for the big morels this trip!

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Spring has sprung on the Rogue River

A good look at one standing tall.

The Rogue Valley’s weather really brightens this weekend. While most agree that the forecast 80°F temperatures will further excite the high runoff of this year’s Rogue River, mushroom foragers should find delite in their finds. This fine Rogue Valley blonde morel was found yesterday with several others amongst the grass and roots of a small Oregon ash tree grove. Erstwhile fisherfolks would do well to keep eyes open as they tred their way to flooded Rogue River fishng holes.

Rogue River Steel and Meal

Rowing the Drifter on a flooded Rogue River backwater.

Over the weekend Teri and I got out on a flood swollen Rogue River. The purpose was duel, to flyfish for a winter steelhead and to find the first morels of the 2012 season. With all that water, the fly fishing was tough. We did have better luck on land. Teri found the first yellow morel and I found the second. With a second mushroom hunt the following day we did find enough to add to a Sunday Easter meal. More about this can be found on the mushroom page:

Morels 2012 Updated 4/5/12

My three-pack!