The October Fly of the Month on the Rogue River

The orange egghead Brownbagger is the pattern to use now on the upper Rogue River.

The orange beadhead Brownbagger really comes into play during October. Only yesterday I took a walk along Bear Creek and noticed a big splash in the small stream. An adult chinook was making its way through that skinny water on a quest to spawn. The fall salmon are on the spawn not only in Bear Creek, but in the mainstream Rogue River. So the Carpetbagger varient called the Brownbagger will work from Grants Pass all the way up to the Hatchery Hole above Shady Cove. The steelhead will notice and key in on that “orange head” of the fly which passes well for a salmon egg. Add the normally attractive stonefly nymph attributes of the Brownbagger and you have an excellent Rogue River steelhead fly for October. For that matter, a great fly for the balance of the fall, winter and early spring on the Rogue River of Oregon.

A Brownbagger caught this fall Rogue River steelhead.


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