These flys will work now on Rogue River Steelhead

The Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymph tied with the New Age Midnight Fire Chenille.

The Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymph done in Midnight Raibow chenille. This was the original hot color.

The orange egghead Brownbagger is the pattern to use now on the upper Rogue River.

The Carpetbagger series of Rogue River steelhead flies shine even more during the cold months of fall and winter. I’ve narrowed the series down to just three colors of the New Age Riverborn™ chenille body material. The Midnight Fire (color of…) Carpetbagger has been called “the Magic fly.” The pattern certainly lives up to it’s alias during that time. My favorite the Midnight Rainbow (color of…) Carpetbagger is just about always knotted to the end of my leader. The Brownbagger, third in the series, is really two flies in one. It’s copper/brown colored chenille body offers a dark, lively look to the stonefly nymph. The orange beadhead part of the fly can easily be mistaken for a salmon egg by the Rogue River steelhead. Besides the steelhead and ocassional cutthroat trout, one other species of Rogue River fish has been taken with the Carpetbagger Stonefly nymph. Rogue River coho salmon will take the Carpetbagger during their late fall and early winter spawning run. I have had the best luck on coho with the Midnight Rainbow color of Carpetbagger. The method is simple and it is not a fast retrieve, though that may work. The technique is just a hop of the fly, like a jig, during the drift. That little movement of the fly has taken both coho and often sluggish, stale, cold water steelhead.

Information about Carpetbagger sales and prices can be found on my About Page.
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