Low Water, Small Patterns

3/13/2013 On the Rogue River

On the Rogue River near Touvelle.

On the Rogue River near Touvelle.

The water quality is really improving on the Rogue River. The river is clearing and getting that steelhead green, fishy look to it, and we’re getting a few. I went 1 for 2 today. The other fish was found early morning and from what I got to see of it, was a good one. Fishing two small flies, so it took either a Prince or a G.R. Hare’s Ear. This fish took a Beadhead G.R. Hare’s Ear fished as the dropper off of a Midnight Fire Carpetbagger.

The Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear nymph is a good dropper fly.

The Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear nymph is a good dropper fly.

3/11/2013 River A

A relatively dry March has created low streamflow in the Rogue River and tributaries. I had to change up tactics recently while visiting a nearby waterway. Finding the waterflow at about 150 CFS in the upper reaches of the stream I geared down. Instead of the heavy, larger Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymphs I tied on a couple of my favorite smaller nymphs, the Beadhead G.R. Hare’s Ear and Brown Forked Tail Prince nymphs. I also geared the tippet down to 4X Maxima. It took a lot of searching to finally find a run that was holding a prime example of this stream’s pretty winter steelhead. I really don’t like to fish water this low, but when it is the best option for the day…

A dropper fly generally called the Prince.

A dropper fly generally called the Prince.

Applegate Steelhead

Small stream, wild steelhead.


2 thoughts on “Low Water, Small Patterns

  1. Have you fished Touville at all this week? Hoping to find some chrome today! Any ideas on where to fish? Thanks!

    • Hi TJ, which guy are you? I wish I could remember the names and faces of people I’ve met once or twice who follow this blog. Ah, to have total recall!! Anyway, I can give a brief synopsis. I stopped at Touvelle State Park today just to check around for mushrooms and the water content of the ground. Wow, things are dry! Of course I saw a few guys fishing the area from the bank. Of course I watched them a little. No one really doing anything that I could see. Also they all were getting a late start as far as I could tell (gearing up around noon!). Guys were flyfishing at (1)- Above the bridge left side (2)- Mouth of little Butte Creek. No one was fishing at the Rock Ledges (top end of T V State Park), nor on the farside of the river above the bridge (right side). Also I could see no one way down river below the T V boat ramp. We were on the river in the Drifter on Saturday, and fished down through that stretch. Didn’t even catch a trout. So that’s why I drove over to check out the Applegate. The A River is really low up in the upper reach. That makes finding fish hard. They always do this when conditions are dry, holding back a lot of water to fill the dam! I wish it was otherwise because it would really be good if there was more flow in the A River. If you were fishing the A, I would say Cantral Buckley or anywhere down river from there. If you are fishing the Rogue around Touvelle, I would say just get as early as a start as you can. The weather tomorrow is going to warm up quite a bit, and I think an early or late afternoon start is in line now. It’s not that cold. The fish are going to start becoming more active now early and late. They should be arriving and more & more on the


      (keep moving up river!) as spawning time gets closer. The old adage that they don’t like the sun all that much holds true more and more now. Even winter fish.

      So which guy are you? Maybe if I knew, I could come up with a few more ideas with regard to locations? – Neil

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