Mother’s Day Hatch

I know it is not Mother’s Day, but that so called hatch is already here. Was witness to the “Mother’s Day Hatch” yesterday on the Rogue River around mid-afternoon. I was fishing for steelhead when I noticed thick clouds of caddis all about and over the water. I also noticed some larger fish taking the caddis off the surface of the water. I knew I didn’t have a proper caddis pattern except for the large Steelhead Caddis in my fly boxes. Then I remembered a size #12 Adams dryfly that I had just tied the other day. I had tied it because back in March sometimes the BWO dry fly did not produce during the first of the year hatches. The Adams dry fly offers a good range of color with movement. I had once read that the Adams represented a caddis fly. I just had to see what those larger fish were. So I tied it on. The three fish I did hook were all nice cutthroat trout. In the cold, high flow of the Rogue River they surprised me and put on outstanding fights. So much so the best one I horsed a little to make a fast landing and release, and the fly pop out as he neared shore. He would have made a nice photo. Here’s a little information on the Adams dry fly pattern:

Don’s Flies

This June Rogue River cutthroat took an adult salmonfly imitation called the Norm Wood Special.

A nice Rogue River cutthroat trout that I did land.

There is a few of these boys around. Relaxing and courting at the mud flat.

There is a few of these boys around. Relaxing and courting at the mud flat.

Irregular ridges, the sign of a true yellow morel. Morchella esculentoides dweller of the river bottoms.

A few of these guys too. Morchella esculentoides dweller of the river bottoms.

Morels 2013


Far Upper Rogue River Steelhead

Landed in the weeds!

Landed in the weeds!

The far upper Rogue River is fishing better with the recent rains. The rise in water has brought the fish with it. The problem is too much water. I waded around up there the other day in the over 2500 CFS flow, and not without some difficulty. Assorted odd rocks and fast current make for hard work. I was finally rewarded, but not without a price. Lower calf cramps on the drive home made me wish I wasn’t driving a stickshift! All worth it!