August Rain on the Rogue River

Over the weekend the weather broke with a rainy day Sunday. Good news for the Rogue Valley wildfires. The rain did much to clean the air in the valley, washing the smoke from the sky and settling the dust on the roads. The steelhead bite continued, and fished well into the near Fall like morning. Don’t you just hate it when the fly pulls after a leap-filled spirited battle with a steelhead? The steelhead took a small Bead Head G.R. Hare’s Ear Nymph fished in tandem with a Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymph. Fishing the fly and bubble technique with a spin rod.


Early August Risers on the Rogue River

Get up, rise up…the early morning jaunts are paying off right now. This pair of Rogue River summer steelhead could not resist smacking the Midnight Rainbow Carpetbagger Nymph in the early morning light of late August. A week ago they were grabbing the small stuff like Hare’s Ear and Prince Nymphs. Now the fish seem to be on a larger stonefly diet? Go figure!

August Fresh Chrome in the Rogue River

The early August summer steelhead bite on the Rogue River has been good. The wildfire smoke in the Rogue Valley has cleared some and most definitely become more tolerable. Have to say that the Carpetbagger has not been the hottest fly in the river, but has definitely done the job of getting the “hottest fly” down to the fish. Two thirds of the catches have been to the diminutive Brown Forked-Tail Prince Nymph (Dai-Riki #730 Size 10).