Rogue River Summer Steelhead Flies

Some of the steelhead patterns that have been popular for the Rogue River recently. With the cooling weather the trend will be to heavier, bead head fly patterns like the Carpetbagger, G.R. Hare’s Ear, and Prince Nymphs. However throughout the fall all these patterns will have their time and place.

2 thoughts on “Rogue River Summer Steelhead Flies

  1. Neil, i live in shady cove, but can’t find any midnight fire stone nymphs with white legs anywhere over here. where can i buy the white legs in a pack? and can u tell me what size gold bead head to buy? never tied legs before. anyplace on line where i can see how it’s done? thanks.

    • Grizz, I know I’ve heard that. I just tied up a fly order for a guy from Trail, Oregon who was saying the same thing. (By the way I tie them for $1.95 each.)There are never any Carpetbaggers/Ugly Bugs in the bins of the local fly shop! Why is that? Apparently because all the guides snatch them up for their float trips. They work that well!!
      To answer your other questions, Dan Baileys
      sells the white legs in a pack as Round Rubber Legs item # 4822 in colors white, black, yellow, brown, grey and more.
      The size bead head you want is 3/16 ” (sz. 10)

      An excellent method for tieing on the legs can be found on line in this video:

      Yes, that is me tieing a Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymph. I believe my method of tieing on the legs is the easiest and fastest there is. It looks like the legs are on top of the fly, but notice the next time you put one of those bead head flies in the water. you will see that the hook inverts in the water, the point and barb ride up and the legs ride down. A bead head on a hook causes that hook to ride and function much like a jig with the point of the hook riding up.

      Remember I’d be happy to tie up a bunch of Midnight Fire or Midnight Rainbow Stonefly Nymphs for you or anybody anytime. – Neil

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