Saturday Afternoon on the Rogue River 10/05/13

All steelhead will go for the Carpetbagger.

All steelhead will go for the Carpetbagger.

Lite and bright conditions, we put in early afternoon on the Rogue River. Looked good, but I know how under low water conditions it can be slow under sunny skies. The first mile of so of river we targeted every rock ledge, deep slot and shady run we could with smart cast of the Carpetbagger Stonefly and small chaser nymph flies. Finally about 4:00 PM while drifting through a small, fast, steep gradient bank run Erik hooked up with a good steelhead. I backed and pulled with the oars towards shore, knowing we really didn’t want that fish to run downriver the full length of that fast stretch. Finally dropped anchor and said, “Its gotta be here we make the stand.” We just could not slide any further down into that broad shallow rocky water below. Well we did land it. Erik played the fish masterfully with his 5/6 weight Orvis rod keeping the steelie within range. We both had to climb out of the Drifter to net the hatchery buck. Really surprised to see he was hatchery because that buck fought like a wild fish.


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