Forked Tail Prince working. Skating ‘Hilton working. ‘Shrooms along the Rogue River, Oregon.

Sunny warm days have produced some idyllic autumn moments along the Rogue River, Oregon this mid October. There are plenty of fish to catch in the Rogue River, and if you look hard, mushrooms to find along the banks.


4 thoughts on “Forked Tail Prince working. Skating ‘Hilton working. ‘Shrooms along the Rogue River, Oregon.

  1. Hi,
    I have been enjoying your blog for awhile now and have fished the rogue with reasonable success in the past few weeks when I’ve been in town. I was advised to float the gold ray boat ramp to rogue river boat ramp this last weekend because that is where the spawn was at according to the fly shop guy in grants pass. We did okay over the two days of fishing but nothing special for sure. I’m if I could get your advice for some good fly water to catch steel in around November 8-10? I’m not looking for your secret holes by any means but I’m looking for a good stretch to float that time of year where the fish numbers are high. I enjoyed the stretch we did this weekend but I’m just wondering if there might be a better stretch?? Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you,

    • The upper Rogue should have plenty of steelhead at that time in addition to a good run of silver (coho) salmon. Also the “flies only” rule for the upper Rogue River will change October 31, and you will be able to fish “artificial flies and lures” in one section and I believe bait once again in the reaches above Shady Cove. Consult your 2013 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations for the exact Rogue River rules. A good stretch to float would be from Rogue Elk Park down to the boat launch at Shady Cove Park.

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