Lower Rogue River Canyon Steelhead.

Lower Rogue River guide Mike Springer (Springer’s Guide Service, springersguideservice@gmail.com, 541-430-1565) has been putting his clients on to lots of steelhead in the Wild and Scenic section of the river. In addition to the abundant half pound steelhead there have been many catches of adults. Sandy of Roseburg, Oregon landed five adult steelhead on a recent trip. Mike relates that the Brown Fork Tail Prince Nymph has been responsible for the majority of the catches.

Ron from Florida, a big Carpetbagger Nymph fan, reports lots of half pound steelhead action down around Agness on his annual visit to the lower Rogue River. He says the catches were about equal between the Carpetbagger and a size #8 Pheasant Tail Nymph fly patterns. I say next time why not tie both flies on your leader as a tandem setup of dropper and chaser flys? Ron (remember he’s from Florida) says the mornings were 40 degrees and a might nip. Apparently the last Jerry’s Jet Boat runs of the season went by Agness on October 15th Like “frozen bodies slipping by.” Meanwhile we continue to enjoy high 40°F mornings and high 70°F afternoons on the upper Rogue River with plentiful adult steelhead around.


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