End of January Steelhead

With waterfowl season closed for the Rogue River, I got out and did a little steelhead fly fishing. I didn’t expect much. Water flow has been low with the absence of any good rain. Most of the late summer steelhead of January I consider just “red snakes.” Still early for the Rogue River’s winter steelhead run, but you never know. Well I was able to find and get into a good run of late summer steelhead. All females they were bright and fresh enough to give a good time. The run was a deep stretch so I fished the Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymph with either a Brown Fork Tail or G.R. Hare’s Ear trailer fly. Both of the trailer smaller patterns caught the fish. The takes were down and deep in the run, just at the end of the drift of the flies. I was even surprised with the catch of a big, hooked jaw silver salmon. I celebrated the good return to fly fishing the river with a hearty seared mallard breast supper



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