Rogue River Dropping Back Down Into Shape

The Rogue River is dropping into shape pretty fast after the recent rain. We got out yesterday and found the water a little colored, but flowing at a comfortable pace for pulling plugs. We weren’t the only ones on the water on this fine Sunday as we saw other fishermen and of course egrets, kingfishers, mallards, wood ducks, and turkeys. Even saw a few morel mushrooms. They are coming on, not quite the full flush yet, but that will happen soon with the waxing Spring.


Recent Rain Brought the Rogue Back Up

Yesterday’s steady rain throughout the Rogue Valley brought the Rogue River flow back up considerably. Except in the far upper reach, the river now doesn’t warrant a much of a visit; and besides that, the showers are expected to continue today.

Looks like a hockey stick to me. Up to nearly 4000 CFS. The color must be shot.

Looks like a hockey stick to me. Up to nearly 4000 CFS. The steelhead color must be gone with all that dirty flow from the tributaries.

Rogue River Report

Morels and good looking water. Great color and flow on the river. Check the river flow:,00060

I did cast for a while for steelhead. Watched a few trout rising along the bank and edges. There were some March Brown flies on the water along with the small BWO’s. I was pitching an orange beadhead Brownbagger Nymph and a beadhead G.R. Hare’s Ear Nymph combo.

River X Again

The water flow has dropped to low levels. Every year the flow seems to end up at about 150 CFS. Makes it a bit harder to catch fish in bright, sunny weather. Luckily rain and clouds are forecast for the rest of the week, and a good chance that the rain will be showers and light.

First True Morels of the Season Come With the Spring Season

River X Flow Still Dropping

With the dropping water flow I like to fish dark, deeper runs against steep banks. It is surprising how close to these banks the steelhead will hold. It is not surprising when close inspection reveal the structure that held the fish, such as a deeper pocket with swirling back eddy. When I find good structure and hook a fish, I note it well. Year after year specific locations seem to always hold fish.

River X Really Coming Into Shape Now