River Junk

Picked up a “new” plug the other day. It was planted firmly in the mouth of this 15 inch Rogue River trout. I removed the front treble hook, and the white plug joins the collection I carry in my drifter. A note on the double treble setup the plug came with. One treble was in the jaw and the other was hooked in the gill plate. Is that really necessary? I change my plugs to single treble. Less snagging up and less damage to the fish.


4 thoughts on “River Junk

    • Just take a bag along to put bad “junk” in. To celebrate my good time and luck on the river, I also took home bits of garbage fishing line, empty beer cans and plastic bags. Know a few others that just about all the time do the same! 🙂

      • I do the same all the time… Though always run out of room in my bag. I really get sad to see alpine lakes littered with tackle too.

        How was the chrome this winter? I enjoy your posts thanks!

  1. I just hate to see garbage at my favorite spots. Can’t rest till I remove it. And so do some others. An acquaintance just picked up this “junk” the other day. Three stops along the Rogue River, and a plastic tuppy container nearly filled!

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