Mid-June Happy on the Rogue

New Riff

Some of my favorite spots along the Rogue River, Oregon require a half-hour or longer walk. The early season can be hit or miss for summer steelhead. For that reason I don’t often like to deal with hauling out the drift boat. An opportunity that I like to go “back to the roots.” Back to my early days of fly-fishing discover on the river. During the summer months this is often best done with an early start. Rogue Valley days can run in temperature extremes from morning 50°F’s to afternoon 90°F’s. This early June day was exceptional. The temperature never got above 75°F, and I was able to peruse several good locations. I found very little action, even with the smaller trout. In one stretch the shy bites did seem to come, though a bit grudgingly. Duly noted, and soon to be visited again.

“The happiest lot of any angler would be to live somewhere along the banks of the Rogue River, most beautiful stream of Oregon. Then, if he kept close watch on conditions, he could be ready on the spot when the run of steelhead began.” Tales of Fresh-Water Fishing, Where Rolls the Rogue, Zane Grey, 1928


2 thoughts on “Mid-June Happy on the Rogue

  1. Thank you! We can make it happen. Monitoring the river at this early date for the first good push of the summer steelhead! – 🙂 Neil

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