July 1st. Get out the Sun Umbrellas on the Rogue River.

With Rogue Valley air temperatures slated to rise to 103°F today, here is a little recap of the weekend float with the Drifter. Recalling the friendly sun and 75°F mid-day temperature, what a refreshing time that was. Expecting to find another early summer steelhead; Carpetbaggers, G.R. Hare’s Ears, and Brown Fork Tail Prince nymphs were the fly choices du jour. We did find cutthroat trout and steelhead smolt. Not a fantastic bite this time of year, but a bite none the less. A probable cause of this would be the high (2200 CFS – 2800 CFS), cold water flow. Most of the resident fish have fed well during the early hatches of spring. Wet wading, I found the 55°F water to feel exhilarating at first touch. Actually you can “warm up” to it, and then the cool feels quite nice. Teri prefers the action from the drift boat via casting and “trolling.” We “trolled up” several nice cutthroat trout ferrying the Drifter and giving the Rogue River twitch to a tandem setup of flies. A big fly (a Carpetbagger) trailing a small fly (Hare’s Ear or Prince size #10) is a hot set up. Not many boats and a lot of wildlife make for a pleasant time along the Rogue River of Oregon.

July birds along the Rogue River.


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