Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymph Taking Rogue River Chinook Salmon


Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymph Again On the Rogue River, Oregon

Carpetbagger Nymph Feeding the Bite on the Rogue River, Oregon

Today’s hot steelhead slammed a Carpetbagger Nymph. First cast! No kidding. One cast into the run and, “Fish on!” Taking full advantage of the recent increase in water flow within the Rogue River of Oregon, this hatchery steelhead put on a very hard and stubborn fight. Happy to see the Midnight Rainbow Carpetbagger holding firm and strong in the jaw of this wily Rogue River bright.

More Sun And Fun On The Rogue River Of Oregon

August Steelhead

I’m tying up more Carpetbaggers and Bead Head G. R. Hare’s Ear Nymphs as I post this report. Also going to add some Brown Fork Tail Prince Nymphs to the tasks tonight. It’s beginning to “seem a lot like” steelhead season.

Rogue River Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing

Nice Steelhead Yesterday on the Rogue River

The August run of summer steelhead into the upper Rogue River of Oregon just keeps getting better and better. Also looks like conditions herald well for the early goose and waterfowl seasons.

Pulling Them from the Banks of the Rogue River, Oregon.

The red hot August summer steelhead have hit the upper Rogue River in decent numbers for good fly fishing. We were pitching them the other day with fly and spinning rods. The spinning rod method employs a set of flies and a clear floating bubble on the line. The bubble serves as a (dare I say it?) strike indicator above the weighted flies. While technically not true “fly fishing” this is a great way to catch summer steelhead on flies. For the newbie it can be a lot of fun and very forgiving. For high water it is a proven cope. For a fast way to find and monitor the state of the run it can’t be beat. For catching a steelhead out of a hole when nothing else is working and you know the fish are there, I love it.