If You Really Need to Know. Rogue River Report.

For a rare lapse of time I have been away from the Rogue River. The first time I haven’t cast a fly rod for over a full week this year on the river. This was not because I went away to some place exotic, but because a couple of things; a nasty summer cold and then getting over it.

So about two weeks ago I had visions of capturing a 1st of September steelhead with a fly. My session proved eventful. They totally annihilated me and a six weight. You get to the point where you think you can handle just about any circumstance and situation. Those chinook salmon proved to be still active in that run. They cleaned me out. Could not stop either of the two hooked.

Unfortunately next came a battle with some serious summer cold snuffles. I recommend crystal vitamin C, Raspberry Emergen-C, Halls Defence Cough Drops, Ricola Honey Lemon Throat Drops, and rest. Don’t break your rest too soon. This is one of those nastier colds that will come right back at you if you get active too soon.

I’ve had a lot of time to catch up with some Rogue River Steelhead Flies – Guide Flies fly tying. I feel so balance seeing my bins full and overflowing. Similarly, shooting clays over the summer has helped me start up right where I left off at the end of August. Only now instead of the “orange disc” I’m hitting the real thing.

So getting my rhythm back and it sure feels good. First I’m going to drop a few more birds as that season is fleeting. Then on to the Rogue River steelhead. Fortunately they stay in one place, and the season is long-lasting.


2 thoughts on “If You Really Need to Know. Rogue River Report.

  1. Do you know any videos or articles for tying the infamous carpetbagger stonefly? I can tie flies no problem but I don’t know what works here on the middle rogue river… any info helps!

  2. I tie them, and I have a few tricks I put in them. Use to be a tieing video with Joy of Fishing TV, but don’t think it is there anymore. The “Four Seasons of Steelhead” video (also by Joy of Fishing TV) had it. They caught all those steelhead in that video with the Midnight Fire Carpetbagger. The fly works everywhere on the Rogue River from the lower river on up to the hatchery at Cole’s River. Great pattern for the Rogue River.

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