Rogue River October – Was a great time to hunt deer.

I enjoyed a great hunt this year, and it culminated on November third with a nice blacktail buck. This season was made all the more interesting with the setting of two ridge-line trail cams to monitor and study the deer movement. What was shown was a slow increase in activity throughout the month of October, and the largely nocturnal nature of the blacktail deer.

During the early season the bucks were absent. In 2013 I visibly observed bachelor groups during September while foot scouting, including a grand four pointer who showed up again later on trail cam that year. This year I did little foot scouting and did not get the trail cams up until mid-September. I expected to capture photos of late summer bachelor buck groups, but to my surprise none showed. The first doe showed late at night on September 19. After that it was only female blacktail deer until September 23 when the first small males appeared. November 1 marked the day that the first large bucks appeared on the trail cams. Nearly all these photos were captured during the night. Finally on November 3, after and pulling the card from trail cam number two at 9:00 in the morning, I glassed a far ridge daytime buck and that’s the one I got.



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