Two’s A Charm

After a week of blistering weather I welcomed the change. The weather forecast called for an afternoon high of only 88°F. Best of all the day was to begin in the 50°s. If I got out early with luck I could be home before the noontime 77°F temperature.

By the time I walked to the river the sun was up. At the first run shade still darkened most of the water. To start at the top I stood in the sun. It felt different today. A few days before even in the early morning I could sense the coming oppressive heat. Today I stood comfortably.

Now would the fish be receptive in this cooler world? I figured the heat had put the bite off those few days before. Still I plied the sunlit water at the head of the run first. To fish the run thoroughly I would start there no matter how inviting the dark water below looked. Pluck, pluck, pluck…there she was a first player. Never overlook the tumbling water at the top of a run. A big arch in the Spey rod and my several bows to the leaping fish followed. Then of all things a long run upriver! The wrong move and I soon corralled the silver hatchery hen in the shallow water.

After attending to the landed fish, I sat and rested the water for a while. Then I worked my way to the shaded section. I made a cast or two, maybe three, and then felt a tug. A second steelhead went airborne flashing a silver side. This fight remained confined to the riffle with strong runs that I snubbed with different angles of the Spey rod. Eventually I banked the fish and again plucked out a small fly with grateful hands.

My first double of the summer. On my way out I appreciated the yet mild temperature of the morning feeling only a slight perspiration. Hot days will return again, but a cool mid-summer break is most charming.


2 thoughts on “Two’s A Charm

  1. Hey, I’m not looking for a fishing spot, but what section of the river was this? I live in Grants Pass and fishing is kinda slow, especially with flies. I was wondering if you were up in the Gold Hill area. Also were those the flies used? :p


    Sean Connors

  2. Around Touvelle and up. Yes the small flies were catching. Also successful has been the Carpetbagger Stonefly Nymphs. You never know what they are going to hit in the upper river.

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