Great Fly Pattern On The Rogue River

From the bottom to top of the Rogue River, steelhead take the Brown Fork Tail Prince Nymph well. Down in the canyon some guides like the round, black rubber legs added. With or without the legs the Prince nymph is a favorite pattern with a proven track record.Rubber Legs Prince Nymph

Prince Nymph Testimony


Time for some Fly Rehab

Even good Rogue River steelhead flies like the G.R Hare’s Ear and the Carpetbagger Nymph need time off for rest and recuperation. Take a look at this past weekend’s successful guide patterns. The Midnight Fire Carpetbagger lost all it’s rubble legs. The G.R. Hare’s Ear still looks like it might hook a fish…even though it lost a tail. In fact it did accounting for a large buck steelhead hooked in the waning hour of the afternoon. Good strong hooks can be stripped and retied on. That and a bit of retouching to the hook point with a file are warranted for this pair.


October Third, Just a “Slight Change of Weather” Steelhead

The hoped for rain didn’t quite materialize and the afternoon forecast called for high winds. That made steelhead fly-fishing on the opening day of Oregon Rifle Deer Season the best option. With an on and off cloudy sky, we found the steelhead more than willing to play.