After Christmas Fly Tying

The graph says it all. It has been a rocking and rolling Rogue River . El Nino conditions dominate as the wet weather systems continue to arrive. High Rogue River flows mean little fishing on the river except for the far upper reach, and even there the release is high from the dam.


With all the water flowing about southern Oregon it seems ironic to be tying up a big order of low water steelhead flies. But that is was I’m doing. These are variation of G.B Skunk destined for quieter Fall conditions on the Grande Rhonde and John Day Rivers. As per customer request they are being tied reduced with no red feather tail. Just a bit of chartreuse floss from the front of the butt section. Addition materials are Artic fox (wing), Chickabou soft hackle (collar) and black seal fur or dubbing brush body.  Tied in sizes six and eight on a Gamakatsu T10-3H hooks.


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